….for another semester!  Fresh from Christmas break, some are reeeeeeally eager to get back at it.

Others say they need more holiday.  But couldn’t we all use just a little more holiday, just some of the time?

It’s finally snowing here in the Kootenays, which gives conflicting thoughts to many who came here for that fluffy white stuff in the first place (So, Red or White, what’s your preference?).

But dedication to education trumps, and the classroom is full.

One thing is for certain, the students are fresh after a couple weeks of break, and with new courses and a new semester, it feels like a new beginning….albeit with some strong GIS skills already under their belts.

This semester includes courses like Internet mapping, remote sensing, advanced applications, databases, professional development, technical preparation (for research projects) and for those taking the BGIS, spatial stats and emerging trends.

So stay tuned for what’s coming up….and more student guest blog posts.