One of the key reasons people come into our technical GIS program is they simply want a job.  A good job that is, something they enjoy.

As we wind down summer, and prepare for our 2013.14 school year, we inevitably get last minute questions about what our previous grads are doing:

  • “Soooo….do people actually get jobs in the GIS field?”
  • “Where do people end up working?”
  • “What types of things are they doing?”
  • “Do they like it?”
  • “What will I be doing when I graduate?”

Well, we can’t tell you for certain what you’ll be doing come next May, or promise you a job, but we can rely on the last few years of stats: our 2013 ADGIS grad class had 100% placement.  And our 2011 and 2012 grad classes had close to that.

This past year, we saw grads go to PEI, Banff, Fernie, Calgary, Kelowna, and of course, some elected to stay in the Kootenays.  Some are working for different levels of government (City of Calgary, City of Fernie, Regional District Kootenay Boundary, Regional District Central Okanagan, Banff National Park), some are working for industry (Teck, Interfor), we’ve also got Not-for-profit employed grads (Nature Conservancy Canada), and those working in Academia (UPEI, Selkirk College’s SGRC).  We had many more jobs and even offers come thru our co-op placement office than we did grads. We’re stoked people have landed great jobs, and continue to do so.

And we’re also excited about the transformational role GIS has played professionally, and personally with allowing people to land dream jobs, or stay in the Kootenays while working remotely, or doing things they just love.  As one grad said it recently in an email:

 “After three interviews I received three offer letters and once again, was able to sit back and pick the best option.  This is pretty much my dream job! I’m still a little bit in disbelief of how many doors the ADGIS program opened for me.”

Interested in knowing more?  We’ll highlight a few grads and their positions in the upcoming weeks to share inside detail. Stay tuned.