Well, here we are, Friday of the last week of classes….

And what a great semester it’s been!  We’ve seen many a great groups come through the GIS program, but this one, cohort number 10, seems to stand out a little differently.  Firstly, they’re perfectionists, yes….they need to get every detail nailed.  No one is saying it’s a bad thing; they’re keeners.  I for one, think that’s rad.

They’ve also shown incredible support for each other as they worked and waded through massive amounts of material this fall semester.  Introduction to GIS seems way far in the past, and probably pretty elementary now.  The GPS projects were proudly displayed at our GIS day and Python, such a big course, was discussed often throughout the whole semester. Project management principles were mentioned in off beat ways, data management topics were tossed around, cartography and new media were enjoyed by most, CAD got some appreciation during the final project and Automation and Analysis was nearly a breeze with their solid python skills as a foundation.

It was fun to watch the students enjoy the last week of classes together and show off the neat bond that always happens when a class gels.  This is typical behaviour of a small and close knit program, but this class was a little different.  Hard to say for sure what exactly it is that is so different.  Maybe it was the ginger-ninja cookies a few of them got together and baked to later bring in to share with the class, or maybe it was the secret Santa gift exchange they enjoyed before one of their final exams.  Or maybe it’s being in the Kootenays and being giddy because the snow is getting good.

Or maybe there is no defining thing, it just happens.