A guest blog post by GIS student, June Dai

Earth As Art App by NASA


These sunning, beautiful images are not “paintings”, believe it or not, these are satellite images of Earth.  Thanks to NASA, they have created an app called Earth as Art available in Itunes for FREE! Here is more information about this App from Itunes:

In 1960 the United States put its first Earth-observing environmental satellite into orbit around the planet. Over the decades these satellites have provided invaluable information, and the vantage point of space has provided new perspectives on Earth.

This app celebrates Earth’s aesthetic beauty in the patterns, shapes, colors, and textures of the land, oceans, ice, and atmosphere.

The app features stunning images of Earth from the Terra, Landsat 5, Landsat 7, EO-1, and Aqua satellites. Sensors on these satellites can measure light outside of the visible range, so the images show more than what is visible to the naked eye. The app draws on several images from the USGS Landsat image gallery and introduces many new images.

You can browse through all the images from different areas in the world by area section.  The area sections are Africa, Central and East Asia, Europe and West Asia, North America, Oceania, South America, and Oceans, Atmosphere, and Polar Regions. If you want to know more about an image, just simply click the information icon on the top right corner to bring out the details of this particular image.

Here are few more striking images from the App. Enjoy!