Right now we’re undergoing a significant GIS program renewal process.  This is something that I believe should be done frequently in an ever changing industry.

As part of this process we are:

  1. scrutinizing content for each course; what are our leaning objectives?  what do the students need to know?
  2. harnessing the real strengths of our GIS instructional team and SGRC research team (we’ve been building extensive programming, project management, advanced analysis, statistical, remote sensing and more, experience)
  3. adjusting course delivery timing and format (people need flexibility!)
  4. developing a short (6 course, 18 credit) online GIS Certificate.  This will give students an opportunity to add GIS to another discipline (known as “GIS Plus”, coined by our friend Tom Dool at the RDCK).  This is in addition to our existing ADGIS and BGIS certifications.
  5. ensuring we are not over-delivering (a 3 credit course should require 3-4 hours of time).  Students need a life (they come here to ski and bike, yo!)
  6. ensuring good transitioning and appropriate collaboration between courses and with our SGRC (GIS research).
  7. Sharing our amazing programs with the world.  We have a state of the art lab and incredible instructors in a truly amazing place (but lots of people don’t know this…yet!).

We’re open to input and feedback on this process.  Please connect with us to share your thoughts.

And why should you come here?  Well (besides the fact that we offer great programs), do you love to ski?

Powder at Red Mountain

Powder at Red Mountain

( you can downhill at Red or White or cross country at Blackjack or Castlegar Ski Club or Nelson Nordic Ski Club).

Do you love to mountain bike? (check out KCTS).  Or golf, or swim, or just love the outdoors?

Do you want to live in the Kootenays, BC and be a part of the beatnik Communities of Rossland or Nelson?

Do you want a rewarding and challenging job? Seriously, this is the place for you to learn GIS.

For more info and to apply, check our official website.