It was Selkirk’s first Applied Research and Innovation day last Friday.  For a small regional college, we’re into some neat things.

GIS was one of the subjects that was a part of several presentations; I gave an update on the progress of our collaborative work:

We’ve experienced much hard work heading onto new ground with identifying the goals, tasks and milestones of our project.  After confirming those details, data acquisition (and interpretation) tends to dominate.  That’s where we are now; we’re right in the thick of it.

Soon, we’ll follow up with some iterative work; back and forth with the nurses who will guide us within their area of expertise as we generate our preliminary outputs.

And although we’re not at the final output stages, it’s good to start thinking about the challenges of displaying and communicating our work.  The presentation below discusses some of this.  If have any questions, feel free to contact the GIS instructor.