In class last week we discussed GIS taglines; short snappy ways that we can describe GIS or what students plan to do with GIS.  These taglines can be used on their webpages, as descriptions, or in response to an inquiring mind. Here they are below.  Love them all.

“The “Arc” of my GIS career”

“Geospatially inclined to open your mind”

“GIS – Bringing data to life”

“GIS – Modern technology developing the ancient world”

“GIS is outta this world”

“Cartography for “Spatial” people”

“Helps to know where you are to go far”

“These aren’t your Mother’s maps; your Dad won’t read them anyway”

“Manipulate your Raster, by the Master”

“Painting your world with the click of a mouse”

“Hanging out in Geospace”