Please let me introduce you to some of our previous GIS Students:

Adam Flintoff (2016)

I am a registered Trainee Forest Technologist within the Association of BC Forest Professionals, a designation I acquired after completing my Forest Technology Diploma at Selkirk College in Castlegar, B.C. I am originally from Kelowna, B.C. where I completed a BA at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan. I am currently enrolled in the Geographic Information Systems program at Selkirk College where I aim to meld my interest in forest management with the technological skills of the field.

Adriana Cameron (2013)

Is currently a Selkirk College student studying Geographic Information Systems. She is experienced in Forest Inventory and holds a degree in Architecture.

Aita Bezzola (2013)

Raised in Golden and recently graduated from McGill University where she studied Biology and Geography. Curious about the interactions of all the things that make up our landscapes, and an enjoyment of the problem solving that goes along with studying it, she plans on applying her GIS skills to research and problem solving in landscape ecology.

Alexandra Bateman (2017)

I am a student at Selkirk College, completing my Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems. I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, and completed my post-secondary education at Queen’s University. I graduated with a B.Sc. in Mathematics and a B.A. in Applied Economics. Following the completion of my degrees, I continued my summer employment in British Columbia working in the forestry industry, specializing in silviculture. Employment in this industry exposed me to the limitless positive impacts of Geomatics and GIS. I am enthusiastic to explore all of the opportunities that GIS will provide, but I am specifically interested in pursuing a career in GIS which is linked to exploration and mining or forestry.

Alexandre Landry (2016)

I grew up in Montreal and spent the last years studying geography and urban planning at Concordia University as I travelled back and forth to British Columbia to satisfy my passion for skiing and exploring the Mountains. My studies in Montreal have now lead me to specialize in the field GIS at Selkirk College where my academic and lifestyle interests converge. I Aspire to develop a social and professional network locally and globally in order to take advantage of and be involved in a wide variety of exiting geomatics related opportunities.

Alex Hindle (2014)

I quite like cats, preferably large fluffy ones. I’m from Edmonton originally, where I have spent most of my life and took a degree in Human Geography. At this point however I’m a bit tired of Alberta and am glad to be elsewhere for the time being. Community, creativity and adventure are my general (and vague) priorities in life and while I do find GIS to be an interesting field I really just want to make enough money from it to fund my allegedly immature pursuits. My longest professional engagement was three years spent coordinating the operations of the BikeWorks chain (we opened a second shop so I can call it a chain) of community bike workshops run by the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society. It was a very enjoyable job and I’m wondering if it might be the high point of my working life. Let’s hope not!

Allie Winter (2014)

I completed my undergrad in Environmental Studies & Geography from Bishop’s University. After gaining a basic knowledge of GIS through work experiences, I decided to pursue the ADGIS program at Selkirk College, where I hope to get involved with GIS related environmental conservation.

Amy Firth (2017)

I received my undergrad degree from the University of Victoria in Biology and Environmental Sciences in 2015. I am now taking my Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College. Working for the Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society in the summer of 2016 sparked my interest in GIS and I hope to combine my technological knowledge with my environmental knowledge in my future career. I am from the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and I love the ocean, the environment, and GIS. I look forward to making positive contributions to the GIS world and spreading my love of the environment and GIS.

Andrew Dorion (2013)

Was born and raised in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Immediately following high school, Andrew took off to Switzerland for a year as a Rotary Exchange Student where he gained an appreciation for mountain culture and the German language. Following this, Andrew studied physics at the University of Prince Edward Island where he graduated top of his class. Shortly after graduating, Andrew made his way to the Kootenays and found his new home. He now lives outside Castlegar and studies Geographical Information Systems.

Andy Jones (2014)

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland; I came to BC almost 10 years ago and fell in love with the mountains. My background is in Engineering; I have a degree in Electronics & Communications and worked as an Engineer for the BBC. My most recent career was in commercial diving and I worked extensively on Tidal generation projects in Northern Ireland. I am excited about the opportunities that this training will bring and keen to start my career as a GIS professional.

Anthony Schirru (2016)

I am originally from Welland Ontario, which is located in the Niagara region of southern Ontario. Previously to my enrolment in Selkirk GIS I completed a BA in Geography from Brock University in Ontario as well as an Associate Diploma from University of Guelph in Turfgrass Science. Over the past few years I was working as an Associate Golf Course Superintendent in Ontario, as well as Cape Breton Nova Scotia at Cabot links and Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts. I have been responsible for various Audubon Certification programs and several aspects of environmental management including mapping of wetland and irrigation systems. This involved compliance with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Ontario and the Audubon Society. I have a strong passion for wildlife and wildlife management and enjoy most outdoor activities and am an avid fly fisherman, photographer and musician.

Barbara Robitaille (2105)

I am a recent graduate of the Integrated Environmental Planning Diploma at Selkirk College. I developed a keen interest in GIS at the end of last year when I completed a semester long research project in Health Geomatics for a client. I have experience with computer systems working for Bell Express Vu registering confidential contracts for customers, as well as experience working for Canada Post. I love working with computer systems and look forward to this exciting opportunity to earn a Bachelor Degree in Geographic Information Systems.

As much as I love the Kootenays, I would like to pursue a career in the Vancouver area once I complete this degree in spring 2016. I am interested in pursuing a career in Health, Law or Business Geomatics. I love to be creative, and enjoy a challenging work environment.

Barry McLane (2014)

I’m 28 years old, originally from Squamish, BC, and have been living in Rossland since 2010. I graduated from Selkirk’s IEP program in 2013, and I’m a proud poppa to an untamed 2 year old daughter. I love working outdoors (ironically enough!), and my past work experience has included trail maintenance, event coordination, administrative assistance, and — most recently — GPS data collection using TerraSync. I’m stoked on GIS, and plan on applying it to damn near everything!!!

Bart Fyffe (2013)

Graduated from the Recreation, Fish and Wildlife and Forestry Technology programs at Selkirk College School of Environment and Geomatics in 2006/2007.  From there he was employed designing and laying out forest harvest cutblocks and roads in Southeastern BC.  Currently he is studying Geographic Information Systems with views to pursuing employment in that field in the West Kootenay region.

Bella Beharrell (2016)

I am an athlete and a student attending the Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems course at Selkirk College. I am originally from Vancouver Island, however, I relocated to Rossland, BC in the fall of 2011. I moved to Rossland to attend the Red Mountain Academies. The academy offered me the flexibility to train and travel to competitions while working on my high school education. My love for the mountains and wilderness kept me in the Kootenays after high school and led me into the Forestry program at Selkirk. I received my diploma for forestry technologies last spring. I continue to pursue my athletic goals while attending Selkirk College. In the winter of 2015 I competed at the Canada Winter Games as a representative of British Columbia in Slopestyle Snowboarding. As a student I intend to maintain honorable grades in my courses while I work towards a degree in Geographic Information Systems in 2016.

Benjamin Starbuck (2013)

Born and raised in beautiful Kaslo, B.C.  Graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies/Biology in 2011 from University of Alberta (Augustana Campus), currently enrolled in ADGIS at Selkirk College. Exact career interests at this time are still up in the air but hopefully upon completion of this diploma he will have a stronger sense of which sector in the GIS industry he wants to commit his talents and time towards.

Beth Wood (2016)

Ten years ago I began an academic journey that started at Selkirk College in the Forest Technology program and am now back at Selkirk to complete the Bachelor of GIS program. In the interim I completed a Bachelor Degree in Forest Ecology and Management at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC).  I have spent a number of seasons working for the Long Term Soil Productivity Study, as well as road layout and silviculture. My interest in soils led me to work as a teaching assistant in soil science at UNBC as my passion falls primarily in the research sector. A summer spent working for the Aleza Lake Research Forest just outside of Prince George, BC provided me with experience working on a variety of research projects and opened my eyes to just how much of the environment is being studied and how much there still is to study.

Brodie Mccrory (2016)

I have been in the Information Technology and Security Fields for over fifteen years, starting my career at fifteen. Since the achievement of my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Security certification in 2005, I’ve held a variety of high-pressure roles throughout my time in a multitude of places from Victoria to Bermuda.

Collaborating with Dr. Eagleman and his graduate student, Scott Novich, we came up with a potential research project fusing geosciences and neuroscience. I have been looking for an institution and home for the project, and to supplement my experience and certifications with more substantial academic credentials. I intend to finish the ADGIS program and move onto a Bachelor Degree.

Candice Randle (2015)

I have been living in the West Kootenays for the last four years and love everything it has to offer.  I look forward to the next eight months at Selkirk College. I want to pursue a career in the environment consulting sector.

Carly Bastien (2016)

I am a recent graduate of the Forestry Technology program at Selkirk College. The field of GIS interests me because I feel that having the tools and abilities to assess the land base that I have worked on in the forestry sector is important for proper management. Once graduated, I plan on finding a GIS position within a forestry company. My interests include playing music, painting, knitting, hiking, and gardening.

Christie Rajtar (2014)

This year I visited 15 countries in 8 months anywhere from Southeast Asia, Central Europe, South America, and of course, North America. I have definitely made a lot of friends across the globe, experienced new cultures, learned new languages and skills, native sports, and of course foreign cuisine. The travel bug caught me and I can’t shake it!

Cindy Stevenson (2017)

I am currently enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College and will be graduating Aug 31, 2016. I am from Edmonton, Alberta and for the last four years I worked as a Senior Systems Analyst on the Projects Team for an IT consulting firm called Wipro Canada Ltd. I worked in the Energy, Natural Resources and Utilities vertical and worked exclusively with utilities companies implementing GIS projects. The GIS experience gained from my project work fueled my decision to enroll in the Advanced Diploma in GIS program at Selkirk College.

Claire Bibby (2017)

GIS  professional and geoscientist. My interest is in data analysis to generate ideas, detects patterns and improve efficiency. I am completing an advanced diploma in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at Selkirk College. My past education credentials include a BSc (Honours) in Geology from the University of Ottawa as well as a Certificate in Database Administration at the University of Calgary. My technical background is in data digitizing and analysis (ArcGIS, web mapping), databases (SQL Server, Oracle), data conversions (AutoCAD, ArcGIS, FME), scripting (Python) and data collection (Trimble and Garmin GPS).  I enjoy improving methods and procedures through the use of visual representations, statistical data analysis, and Python scripts.


Always keeps it mellow while studying GIS at Selkirk in the beautiful Kootenays.

Crystal Gauer (2017)

After working a number of years in an outdoor environment, I decided it would be a good idea to diversify my skill set and gain some training in a more technological field.  I completed my first diploma in 2005 in Outdoor Recreation Management from Capilano University in Vancouver.  That led me to a career as a Wildland Fire Fighter for 10 years.  I’m now enrolled in the GIS Advanced Diploma Program at Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC.  I am excited to combine my new GIS training with my field experience and explore some new opportunities.

Cynthia Mccallum (2016)

I received my B.Sc. in Zoology from the University of British Columbia and was employed for many years as a research technician at the University of Alberta.  During that time I utilized GIS in large and small scale habitat research.  More recently, as an independent consultant, I was involved in environmental assessments, endangered species threat assessments and other projects with GIS components. I am currently enrolled in the Advanced Diploma in GIS program at Selkirk College in the Kootenays and am exploring (among other topics) advanced GIS analysis, programming, database systems and remote sensing. My home base is in Kamloops, and I have worked throughout B.C. and Alberta. While studying, I am on leave as a Registered Professional Biologist in B.C.


Helps to know where you are to go far.

Dave Messinger (2012)

Ecologically, economically, and geographically minded professional still taking it one day at a time.

David Greaves (2016)

I have recently graduated from Selkirk College where I learned about recreation, fish, and wildlife and have returned to school to learn about how maps, satellites, photography, technology, and a creative mind can and has changed the world. I was born and raised in the West Kootenay/Boundary area, worked my way up in the Subway restaurant corporation until I was helping people open up shop, and showing them how to best sell sandwiches. Then I decided to build a video and sound studio in Nelson, B.C., where musicians, artists, and aspiring stars would come to shoot what they had hoped would be the next viral post on Youtube. As exciting as this type of business was, I felt my talents were better suited to making a real difference in my local community. College gave me the opportunity to study the Canada Lynx and their movements and my growing interest in the natural world helped connect me with like-minded people such as those making a difference in the EcoSociety. During my summer breaks I was able to try out my new skills in the workplace. This included studying and helping to improve safety at Teck Metals and then managing the day-to-day operations at Syringa Provincial Park.

David Patton (2016)

I am a forestry technician and Geomatics student currently based in Castlegar, BC.  Having spent many years living and working overseas, I returned to Vancouver in 2012, moving shortly thereafter to the West Kootenays to study Forestry and Geomatics. I aim to develop a well-rounded skill set in the Forestry Sector, dividing my time between development work in the field and GIS work in the office.  Outside of work and school I spend as much time as possible outdoors exploring new places, or pouring my energy into the ever uphill struggle to keep my Japanese as fluent as possible in an English speaking world.

DD Sheets (2012)

Field technician and mapping geek…the best of both worlds!

Ellen Vickerson (2015)

I grew up in Summerside, Prince Edward Island where I spent my childhood sailing, snowboarding, painting and drawing. I completed a Fine Arts Degree at Memorial University in Newfoundland. During my final year of independent study I found myself drawn to historical maps and used them a lot in my independent projects. Once I finished my degree, I moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia and taught basic animation and drawing at a children’s art camp. In 2011 I moved to Revelstoke, BC to snowboard and be outside as much as possible. After exploring different career paths I decided GIS could be a fit for me because of my interest in maps, so I applied to Selkirk College’s Advanced Diploma in GIS Program. I hope this program will compliment my interests and allow me to continue to live in beautiful BC.

Eric Hoodicoff (2016)

I have lived in the province of British Columbia, Canada for most of my life. I was born in Penticton, raised in Castlegar & now currently reside in Nelson.  I graduated from the Business Administration program at Selkirk College in 2003.  Since then, I’ve been in the workforce working in technical support at Pacific Insight Electronics, a charge-hand, level-3 first aid attendant & equipment operator at International Forest Products (Interfor), an English kindergarten teacher at Our Children-Our School in Moscow, Russia and most recently as a professional musician in the long-running AC/DC tribute act “BC/DC”.

My main passion is music. I play multiple instruments and in multiple bands in Western Canada. Some notable ones include BC/DC, Lillix, and Shawn Hook’s backup band. I also enjoy hiking, snowshoeing and spending time outdoors.

Evan Amies-Galonski (2017)

I am a Selkirk College student currently developing a comprehensive GIS skill set, with several years of experience working as a Forestry Technician in the Kootenays and on Haida Gwaii, BC, where I gained extensive experience in GPS data collection of forest features and streams, in carrying out recce, road, and block layout, hand traversing, as well as in conducting riparian assessments. An interest in technology combined with a desire to become more involved in environmental research and resource management on Haida Gwaii has lead me to peruse an advanced diploma in Geographic Information Systems at Selkirk College in Castlegar BC. I am especially interested in discovering and utilizing the most modern technologies and analysis techniques to develop efficient and creative workflows, and in finding new ways of visualizing and exploring data.

Ezra Buller (2013)

Is a musician, and sports enthusiast, and a father of 3.  He has been a ”Jack of All Trades”, and has decided to change careers so he has enrolled in the ADGIS course at Selkirk College.  He is looking forward to a successful career in GIS. and is excited to see what the future holds in store.

Francis Morrell (2016)

I am originally from Chelsea, Quebec. Currently living in Nelson, BC studying GIS at Selkirk College. I have an academic interest in urban design, geospatial research and UAVs. In my off time, I am and avid snowboarder and surfer that loves exploring and spending time outside. In terms of work experience I have worked as a tree planter in Northern Alberta, a bicycle technician and parts manufacturer in Vancouver and in the customer service industry in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. I hope to in the future use my skills in GIS and geography to research smart urban design, or geospatial avalanche mapping.

Gabriel Wiebe (2015)

I come to the Advanced Diploma in GIS program at Selkirk College after six years of being out school. I originally went to university for computer/software engineering at University of Victoria. I spent six awesome years there and my final co-op position landed me at a particle accelerator at UBC. It was a one year contract and at the end of the contract I had a little bit of money and my van named “Ol’ Betsy”. I decided to travel around BC, Yukon and Alaska. It was during this time that I fell in love with geography and using maps for adventures I went on. I ended up in Rossland at the end of traveling where I still find myself loving the snow and mountains. I hope to use the ADGIS program to continue enjoying what I love to do.

Grant McGee (2014)

I look forward to being locked on a schedule within a course load with a clear outcome. I have a varied background that includes everything from shop mechanic, ski teaching, farming, tree planting and cooking. My scholarly interests have only firmed up as of late, I really like the idea of working in GIS and hopefully in cartography. I like making and using maps so it seems a natural fit. In my private life I enjoy cooking, cycling, skiing, farming and generally most anything outdoors. I am trying to build a garlic empire and sometimes I think I may employ GIS to help me keep the empire organized. I have not got a ton of experience in GIS at this time but feel free to approach me for collaboration as often two heads (or more) are better than one.

Greg Amos (2017)

I am from Invermere, B.C., and bring a varied background that includes community newspaper journalism and mineral exploration to the ADGIS program at Selkirk College. My goal is to broaden my skills generally in geographic information systems (GIS) and specifically in the area of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data capture, processing and analysis and in cartographic design. I first encountered GIS in the early 2000s as a UBC Physical Geography student. Upon graduation, my focus on GIS employment will be in resource and utilities sectors, where my acquired skillset will be of the highest value.

Heather Potter (2013)

Graduated from UNBC in 2007 with a BSc in Biology and a minor in Environmental Science. She then spent four years in Japan teaching English as a Second Language. After returning to Canada, she decided to pursue her interest in computers and enrolled in the Advanced Diploma of GIS at Selkirk College.

Ian Dennis (2015)

I have worked 10 years for Environment Canada in atmospheric pollutant science, using GIS analysis in research pertaining to Acid contaminants, Mercury, and Oil sands components.  Previously I worked in medical research/new drug development in the UK.  I have a BSc in Chemistry from Hull University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

Jack Lesnik (2015)

Hey class, I’m Jack Lesnik.  I’m 24 years old and I love being active and enjoying the outdoors.  Some of my favorite things are traveling the world and I’m always open to learning something new.  I’m excited to be in the GIS program this year, and am excited to combine my field and outdoor skills with the hard computer skills we are learning.  GIS has always been an interest to me, and I’m looking forward to what the future brings.  I just moved to Nelson this summer with my girlfriend from Kamloops where I have been living for quite a while now.  I’m excited to be here to be closer to my family, enjoy the topography, and be back in school.  My favorite food is good sushi, and I enjoy spiced rum after a long powder day, or any day. Over the past few years I have acquired work skills including managing a landscaping crew, working 4-6 week shifts on gas wells in Alberta, spending weeks in the outdoors with an Adventure tourism program, and many more including growing as an individual and gaining new life skills.

Jan Pindroch (2016)

I am currently a student in the Advanced Diploma in GIS program at Selkirk College. I am originally from Slovakia. I lived the past year in Banff, Alberta, and I loved it. I wanted to get more experience in GIS, and therefore I applied for the ADGIS at Selkirk College. I was studying GIS during my bachelor degree at University of Pavol Jozef Safarik in my hometown of Kosice. I also have master degree in GIS from Swansea University. Later, I started to work in Reading, England as a GIS Technician. In my free time I love hiking and cycling. I am also beginning to explore photography and time-lapse videos. I look forward to use GIS in real world situations.

Jackson Garrett (2016)

I am currently a student at Selkirk College completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Geographic Information Systems. I have recently completed my Forest Technologist’s Diploma in April 2015, as well at Selkirk, and worked 2 ½ summers with Lemare Lake Logging, a full-phase forestry company located in Port McNeil on the Northern section of Vancouver Island. I grew up in the Comox Valley roughly 300 km South of McNeil and have a developed deep passion for the Island, hoping to secure a career position near Comox in the near future. Recently I was awarded the “Top Forestry Presentation” at Selkirk College’s 2015 SEG day from the ASTTBC (Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC) for my presentation on Discrepancies in Kootenay Timber Cruising related to the over estimation of Dead Potential. My career ambitions are to develop a solid understanding of GIS and combine that with my keen interest in aerial drone surveying involving LiDAR. After garnering advanced skills in GIS through experience and training, my goal is to start my own consultant company that focuses on drone surveying for natural resources sector and various other departments.

Jeff Dianocky (2014)

I am originally from Vernon B.C, so the move here for school was pretty easy as I am only about four and a half hours away. I graduated from Okanagan College with my environmental studies degree and decided to pursue the ADGIS program here at Selkirk after being a teacher’s assistant for an intro to GIS course and my prof suggesting that this is where I should further my education.

Jeffery Minichiello (2015)

I am a recent graduate from Dalhousie University with a BSc with honours in Earth Sciences. Currently I am studying in the Advanced Diploma in GIS program, with hopes to find employment in the mining or energy sector.

Jen Peebles (2014)

I love GIS, learning new things and constantly challenging myself. I thoroughly enjoy every single moment of my life.

Jessica Davis (2015)

I recently moved to Trail, BC from Fernie, BC where I was working at the ski hill for the past two years. I love spending time outdoors, going on adventures with my partner and our two dogs. Whether hiking, biking or skiing the mountains are where its at!   I am taking the Advanced Diploma in GIS program which builds on an Environmental Technology program I graduated from at the New Brunswick Community College. I am hoping to stay in the environmental field and be able to pursue a mixture of field and office work while living in the Kootenays

Joseph Plessis (2017)

My Name is Joseph Montana Noel Plessis; I have attended Selkirk college for the past three years completing the Integrated Environmental Planning Diploma and am now attending the Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Diploma. I plan to carry out my education for an additional year at Selkirk to complete my bachelor’s degree in GIS. I am originally from Sparwood, British Columbia; a small mining town in the Rocky Mountains. I grew up on a small Ranch outside Sparwood doing numerous outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and raising live stock. Over the years I gained work experience around the farm as well as a passion for environmental protection.

Junjun Dai (2014)

My name is June and I really love dogs. I have a seven year old poodle and his name is Mikey

Kaela Perry (2013)

Graduated from the Recreation, Fish and Wildlife Program at Selkirk in 2009. After working several seasons in the field she has returned to Selkirk to complete a Bachelors of GIS. She is excited to apply her schooling and field experience towards a career in wildlife or ecosystem conservation and believes GIS is a powerful tool for understanding the world around us.

Kailee Woodbeck (2014)

I am a former Systems Operator/Geomatics Analyst for an aerial survey consulting firm. My background is primarily remote sensing based where I specialized in semi- automated image classification.

Karen D. Godbout (2017)

I am presently a third-year student in the Bachelor in Geographic Information Systems (BGIS) degree program at Selkirk College, in Castlegar, British Columbia. I am originally from the Okanagan, and now reside in Trail. My postsecondary education began with a foundation year at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. I later completed a two-year diploma in Library Information Technology from Langara College, also in Vancouver.

Katie James (2014)

I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. My unyielding passion for snow, mountains, and adventure led me across the world, and to a career in the field of geography. Graduating with a BA in Geography, and now continuing my education with a GIS diploma out here in the Kootenay’s at Selkirk College is like a dream come true.

Kalyn May (2017)

I was born and raised in Nelson, BC. I received my Diploma in Integrated Environmental Planning from Selkirk College in 2012. It was during this program where I was first interested in GIS especially in environmental planning applications.  After my diploma completion I continued on to Royal Roads University on Vancouver Island where I completed my B.Sc. in Environmental Science. My background has been mainly invasive species management throughout the Kootenay Region. I have worked with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Invasive Species Branch conducting surveying of several high priority invasive plants and biocontrol monitoring of spotted knapweed. I also worked with the Central Kootenay Invasive Species Society with the management and surveying of high priority invasive species.

Kc Johnson (2017)

Kc Johnson, formerly employed 8 years in the Mineral Exploration Industry in Northern British Columbia Canada and now a student of GIS. In the spring of 2016 I successfully completed the Okanagan Colleges Advanced GIS Certificate and now currently enrolled in the Advanced GIS Diploma program at Selkirk Colleges Castlegar Campus. During my time in the Mineral Exploration Industry I gained valuable knowledge and experience in, time management, personnel management, logistics, supply chain management, record keeping, expediting, organizational skills pertaining to transportation of supplies and personnel. Perhaps on the most important skills I developed was my ability to work closely with many different people which greatly assisted me while I was ‘camp manager’ of a 35-person remote diamond drill camp for 2 months. I coordinated incoming helicopter transports, food and supply deliveries, personnel rotations and the day to day communication duties associated with the position.

Kiera Corrigan (2015)

I am an environment enthusiast currently learning how to digitize maps and analyze data. I was born in a small northern coastal town called Bella Coola. Since then I have lived in many BC towns and regions. Most recently I resided in Vancouver achieving a diploma in environmental sciences. That has taken me to Castlegar, which I call my home now where I am working on an Advanced Diploma in GIS. My main interest/goal with my education is to get involved in environmental restoration. We will see where this year takes me though. Also, I love botany, geology and bird watching. At any given time I may have a plant or bird ID handbook in my backpack.

Kylie Morin (2012)

Prairie girl living in the Kootenays, studying GIS at Selkirk College.

Laura Nessman (2017)

I am currently a student at Selkirk College in the Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems program. I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor or Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies in December 2012. I have previously held several positions at the Cowichan Valley Regional District in Duncan BC, most recently within the GIS division. These experiences enhanced my understanding and appreciation for GIS and the vast possibilities it presents. I am eager to continue to expand upon my skills in this field.

Lauren Maluta (2014)

Raised in Nelson BC, I am always finding new ways to experience the mountains: be it skiing, biking, or climbing. I graduated from the IEP program in 2011 and am currently enrolled in the ADGIS program at Selkirk College.

Leslie Rowe (2014)

Fearlessly leaping into a brand new career, I have chosen GIS for its career potential and divers industry opportunities. I am excited for the challenges it holds and experiences it brings.

Lisa Balkenhol (2016)

I am currently a student at Selkirk College enrolled in the Bachelor of Geographic Information Systems program and have previously completed a two-year Environmental Management Diploma program at Okanagan College. I have worked in a variety of office and customer service settings throughout my career, which has provided me with a great deal of work experience in those areas.  In my spare time I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, camping and snowboarding or any fun adventure that comes my way.

Lorraine Brown (2014)

I am originally from the coast but love it here and decided to stay as of 2009. I am looking forward to developing my career in the GIS field and switching from the customer service industry. I enjoy outdoor activities, healthy living and the Kootenay lifestyle.

Maddison Lussin (2017)

I am originally from Vancouver Island and I currently reside in the Slocan Valley. I have a Diploma in Environmental Technology from Camosun College and am Currently Enrolled in the Advanced GIS Diploma (ADGIS) program and Selkirk College. I have been working in the field of GIS since 2011 and have been the sole proprietor of Compass Rose Geospatial since 2013. My services are currently contracted solely to GeoBC, where I help maintain the Integrated Transportation Network, an extensive roads database for the Province of British Columbia. I plan to build on the skills I learn in the ADGIS program in order to expand my business into the private sector, with a focus on Cartography work.

Martin Laurent (2015)

I am originally from Edmonton, Alberta; but I moved out here in 2012 to complete the Integrated Environmental Planning Diploma. After completing the program in 2014, I enrolled myself in the ADGIS program to further my education, and, to progress myself into finding a career that suits me. My ideal career would be to work with GIS environmentally for an Oil and Gas company in Alberta.

Megan Deas (2013)

Has lived all around Western Canada and is hoping to finally settle down in the beautiful Kootenays. She has her diploma in Recreation, Fish, and Wildlife and wants to complete her Advanced Diploma in GIS to round out her skill set.

Meghan Lytle (2015)

I have a BA in Tourism and Recreation Management. I took my first 3 years at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island and graduated from Capilano. I moved to the Kootenays over a year ago and that is when I heard about GIS. I am most interested in the environmental field; I would love to commence a new career adventure in the GIS world that allows me to balance office and field work in this beautiful place. Looking forward to the future!


Has a lively Kootenay life with her young daughter and husband, as a Veterinary Receptionist and GIS Student.

Nick Donnelly (2013)

Is Ontario born and raised and excited to experience what the west has to offer. With a background in geography, he’s ready to learn all the ways that GIS can be applied to his field.

Paul Simpson (2012)

From chaotic business in the Big Smoke, to Chillin’ in the Koots with a simplified lifestyle, studying GIS.

Peter Lecouffe (2014)

I am originally from Quebec, which is where I was before I came to visit BC and ended up staying for four years. I recently graduated from the Environmental Technology Program at Camosun College, where I was first introduced to GIS. I quickly became interested in GIS as a career as the hours working on projects just flew by. I look forward to learning more in this discipline and meeting many others with similar interests.

Phil Cadorette (2013)

Is a new  student at Selkirk studying ADGIS with the hopes of taking GIS skills learned to travel. He would like to find new and exciting jobs all over the world. The future of the world is ever changing so he needs to hop aboard to be part of it. Which path you take sometimes is not as important as the journey.

Richard Remple (2013)

Has lived in and loved British Columbia for his whole life.  He graduated University of the Fraser Valley with a Degree in Geography.  Richard enjoys building and fixing things, playing music, and the sport of Badminton.   After completing the Advanced Diploma in Geographic information systems, he hopes to take his GIS skills into the mining and energy sector.

Rob De jonge (2014)

I moved to BC about 8 years ago and after a few months of living on the coast, I found myself in Golden for the start of the ski season. Golden is a great place to be and live a very fun life, but while seeking gainful employment, I moved to Castlegar and started the Recreation, Fish and Wildlife program at Selkirk College and now have moved into GIS.

Rosemary Dykhuizen (2015)

I’m 20 years old and I grew up in Fernie, British Columbia.  I graduated from Selkirk College’s Integrated Environmental Planning Diploma program in 2014 and I chose to continue in the field of GIS because I find that it’s an extremely rewarding field, and it allows me to be creative while presenting informative data.   I am keen on learning new things and beginning my career as a GIS professional.

Roxanne Jayne Shevolup (2013)

Is a recent Recreation, Fish, and Wildlife graduate who is currently enrolled in the Advanced Diploma GIS program within Selkirk College. Her interest include (but are not limited to) fishing, reading, and hugging Great Horned Owls. Her future goals are to integrate her love of wildlife with all the possibilities that GIS has to offer.

Sarah Schneider (2012)

Is passionate about mountains, maps and chocolate.

Sean Fredrickson (2014)

I live in the Kootenay mountain town of Rossland, enabling me to be near my interests and hobbies of alpine and backcountry skiing, hiking, camping, mountain biking and fishing. I received my BComm from UNBC and have been working in the forest industry for the last 10 years throughout BC and Alberta.

Suzanne Fordyce (2014)

I’m really a student of life — insatiably curious and so always learning. Outside of GIS awesomeness I explore the BC Mountains on foot, engage in random acts of cleaning-up-the-environment, and laugh daily with my two daughters.

Stacy Doyle (2012)

A Western Canadian grown woman who is motivational, comedic, versatile, athletic, caring, hard-working, an outdoor enthusiast, and geospatially inclined to open your mind.

Tim Kier (2017)

As a resident of Prospect Lake, a suburb of Victoria, I have had a keen interest in cartography since primary school. I began my post-secondary education in 1988.  I completed a Civil & Structural Engineering diploma from the BCIT and later graduated with a B.Sc. Eng. in Geomatics from the University of New Brunswick. I spent the next 18 years mapping the world’s oceans for fiber optic cable, Oil and Gas pipeline route surveys. During this time, I visited six continents and five oceans mapping the depths on numerous projects.  These included; a bathymetric survey of Antarctica, recovery operations of flight TWA 800, a classified submarine listening cable route survey across the Aleutian trench and exploding WWII mines in the Baltic sea. With the latest slowdown in the oil sector, I moved to Castlegar to begin my retraining as a GIS data analyst by enrolling in the Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College.

Tony Giampa (2017)

My name is Tony Giampa and I am a forest technician as well as a GIS specialist. Originally I am from Vernon, BC, but I have worked all over the province in various fields of forestry from planning to operations. Currently I am furthering my career in forestry though taking the ADGIS program at Selkirk college in Castlegar, and I hope to combine my GIS knowledge with my forestry knowledge to become a productive and efficient forester.

Trilok Gunnam (2015)

Tyler Shedden (2015)

I have lived throughout BC, most recently in Cranbrook, and spent time in Australia, France, Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom.  I enjoy being outdoors – hiking, fishing, camping – and playing all sports, particularly hockey, golf and curling.  GIS is a dynamic field whose wide-ranging applications appeal to me and I am looking forward to the challenges this program offers, expanding my skillset and seeing where GIS takes me.

Venessa Langhorn (2015)

I moved to Rossland from Canmore, Alberta two years ago to participate in the Integrated Environmental Planning Diploma offered by Selkirk College.  Prior to this, I acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Parks and Tourism from the University of Alberta.  During my first couple years at Selkirk I discovered a great interest in GIS and its capabilities as well as a great love for life in the Kootenays.  I love skiing (both at the resorts and in the backcountry) and have spent the past summer exploring Rossland’s extensive mountain biking trail network.  With my newfound skills and educational experiences from Selkirk College I am hoping find meaningful employment in the Kootenays that will allow me to continue the lifestyle I have I discovered here and to contribute to the local communities and natural environments that make this place my home.

Vicky Young (2012)

Riding, climbing, loving the outdoors, life…and GIS!

Victoria Sticha (2015)

I’m a BC native; a nerd person of too many interests who found a niche in GIS from bushwork, technology and animation. Looking forward to the opportunities to incorporate all three!

Vidula Kulkarni (2017)

My name is Vidula Kulkarni and am from India. Currently, I am a student at Selkirk college, pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Geographical Information Systems. I am an Environmental Planner and an Architect with 5 years of professional experience. I have worked on development and sanitation projects. Sanitation and real estate are my areas of interest which led me to publish research papers on the subject of Environmental Assessment. (See link here:

Graphic designing and sketching keep me occupied when I am not working or studying.

Wendy Castellanos (2017)

Wendy is a student in the Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College. She was born in Venezuela and now she lives in Trail, Canada. She graduated from Central University of Venezuela as a Petroleum Engineer. After receiving her education, Wendy worked as economic analyst in PDVSA (Venezuelan’s national energy? company). In this position, she designed and simulated petroleum fiscal models and participated in high level negotiations to identify new business opportunities. She also completed a MBA in Gas Business in 2015 at Simon Bolivar University.  Her interests are in researching, and development of Web/API applications.