Connor Lane

Originally from Rockport, Maine, I moved to Fernie, BC for the skiing. I am now pursuing an Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College. I excelled at the programming and analysis courses. I want to use my GIS skillset to explore spatial problems and their solutions.


Damon Faulkner

My name is Damon Faulkner and I am currently finishing my Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College. This semester I am working on a Remote Sensing project where I will map the extent of Mountain Pine beetle outbreak in Jasper National Park. I have three years of collective forestry experience where I used ESRI software to create maps for my activities. I want to use my education to help support responsible forest management and conservation as well as be able to call myself a professional cartographer.


Danielle Lirette

Currently enrolled at Selkirk College, I am working towards an Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Additionally, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax. Originally from a small French village in New Brunswick, I now reside in Nelson, BC. I am a passionate artist with extensive knowledge of our natural world, hoping to change the way people look at maps.

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Darren Jones

Since moving to B.C. from Scotland in 2012, I have been working in both the outdoor recreation and forestry industries.  A passion for learning new things and an interest in GIS gained through work experiences and friends brought me to Selkirk College, where I am currently studying in the advanced GIS diploma program.  Through this, I hope to further integrate myself into the world of geomatics work, as I enjoy the combination of data, creative mapping and environmental research.


Evan Breton

Originally from Pine Falls, Manitoba, I moved to British Columbia in 2005.  Previously, I graduated from Sault College Forestry and Parks/Recreation Diploma programs in 2000 and am now currently completing the Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College.  I have worked in the Forestry, Mining and Tourism sector, moving forward I am dedicated to broadening my GIS knowledge.


Hannah Dueck

Originally from Saskatchewan, I now reside in Rossland, BC. After graduating with a BBA (hons) from Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC, I seized the opportunity to work on applied research projects as an intern Research Assistant at Selkirk College’s Applied Research and Innovation Centre in Castlegar, BC. I was drawn to GIS for its potential for both analysis and visual presentation of spatial data, and hope to continue working in applied research and in the GIS field after I graduate Selkirk’s ADGIS program.


Jacob Sabutsch

Born and raised in Southern Ontario on a small apple orchard I developed an interest in the natural Environment. I graduated from the Natural Environmental Technician Program at Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Afterwards I moved to Northern British Columbia where I worked as a Forestry Technician and Timber cruiser for several years until returning to school where I am currently studying Geographic Information Systems at Selkirk College in Castlegar BC. Upon graduating I hope to work towards a career in conservation and resource management.


Jacob Smith

Originally from Brandon, Manitoba, I moved to British Columbia in 2015 to spend more time outdoors. As of now, I am pursuing a Bachelors in Geographical Information Systems at Selkirk College. I hope to use what I learn to help monitor and study our local pollinator species.


James Shaw

My name is James Shaw. I was a teacher, registrar, and office manager at an alternative high school in downtown Toronto for eight years. In that capacity, I designed and implemented a systems overhaul that improved the school’s services and increased enrolment. As a teacher, I created a film and video arts program. Many of my former students went on to work in the film and television industry.

Currently, I am directing my energies into geospatial data science. Now in my second year of studies, I am focused on understanding how rural communities respond and adapt to climate-related challenges.

I hope to take my past professional accomplishments and merge them with new skills and knowledge to effectuate real-world change. My ultimate goal is to work in the public sector to focus on problem-solving civic and rural issues through advanced geospatial problem solving and analysis.



James Lindsay

Originally from Abbotsford BC, I’m presently living and working out of Castlegar BC. I graduated from the Selkirk College Forest Technology program in 2007.  I have worked as a forest technologist for the past 13 years on Vancouver Island and in Southeastern BC. I’m presently taking the Advanced GIS Diploma program at Selkirk College and plan to return to the forestry sector afterwards. With the skills I have been developing in GIS, I hope to take on an integrated planning role working with both local communities and the forestry industry. 


Janine Eidick

I am a student at Selkirk College taking the Advanced Diploma for Geographic Information Systems. I graduated from Selkirk College’s Forest Technology program in 2020. Previous work experience consists of Silviculture and Quality Assurance. I am excited to see where working within the GIS field will take me.


Kate Klimovich

My name is Kate Klimovich, and I am currently a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) student at Selkirk College in Castlegar, B.C. Originally from Langley, B.C, I have spent the past ten years living and working around the beautiful province of B.C, and gradually working towards a career in Wildfire Management for the BC Public Service. In April 2019, I graduated with a diploma in Forest & Natural Areas Management from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. My background has been primarily with the forestry sector, with experience in road and block layout, timber cruising, wildfire fighting, tree planting, and some GIS-based project work with the Ministry of Forests. I have been working in the field for 5+ years, and I am excited to take the next step in my career as a GIS professional.


Kelsey Lemoine

Originally from the west coast of British Columbia, I have called the West Kootenays my home for the past 14 years practicing forestry in the area for more than 10. During this time I have delve within multiple aspects Forestry within this beautiful area and am now attending my Advanced Diploma in GIS at Selkirk College. I intend to continue my path within the natural resource sector of B.C. while focusing more on conservation and environmental impacts through the technology and analysis offered through GIS.

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Megan MacPhee

I am Kootenay local who graduated from the Recreation Fish and Wildlife program at Selkirk College in 2014. Currently I am enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Sciences, GIS program at Selkirk College. I have been working in the recreation and environmental field for over seven years. I have worked as a Park Attendant, a Park Operator, a Park Ranger, and as a Park and Trail Maintenance Worker, as well as worked with birds of prey, invasive species, danger tree analysis and removal and in backcountry recreational tourism. Following graduation, I am hoping to enter a field in GIS while sticking to my recreation and conservation roots.

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North Ross

I am a mapping enthusiast, with experience in environmental science and geography at UNBC, UVic and currently at Selkirk College for the ADGIS program.  In between semesters, I have completed over 5000 km of long-distance hiking trails. I am looking forward to combining my love of the outdoors and technology towards creating a better world.


Parker Wakaruk

I am currently in my first year of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Degree program at Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC. Before starting GIS, I obtained a Business Administration Diploma from Selkirk College while serving as Captain of the Selkirk Saints Men’s Hockey Team. Since beginning my program, I’ve become greatly interested in remote sensing, cartography, and UAV applications. I am looking forward to applying my technical skills and work ethic as I explore the path of becoming a GIS professional.



Patrick Droste

Originally from Brisbane, Australia, and coming from a background in various resource-based work throughout Canada and abroad, I have worked for the BC Wildfire Service for three seasons on the Valhalla Unit Crew, based out of the South East Fire Centre. After studying GIS at Selkirk College the past two winter seasons, and being designated the GIS and mapping point of contact for my crew, I have developed a strong knowledge and technical expertise in GIS technology and its applications within the wildfire service. I am passionate about exploring the ways emerging GIS technology can benefit incident/resource management.



Rohit Virmani

I hail from Delhi, India. I have background of Urban Planning and Geography. I am studying ADGIS to learn a versatile skill GIS. I aim to use the skills learnt here in the area of climate change and cities’ adaptation towards extreme weather events and working on mitigation strategies.


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Shanna Wedeen

I am a student at Selkirk College in the Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems program. I grew up in Vernon in the Okanagan Valley located in British Columbia. I graduated with the Forest Technology Diploma in 2018 and since then, have worked as a Forest Technician. I am looking forward to working in the GIS field and to gain more experience.


Torin Glasenapp

I am a third year BGIS student at Selkirk College who recently completed an Integrated Environmental Planning Diploma also at Selkirk College. Originally from Edmonton, AB, I have been living in the West Kootenay Region for three years. I see pursuing a career in GIS as a way for me to combine my interest and skills in technology with my passion for the outdoors and preserving land and water rights.


Vadim Stolyarov

I’m a full-time student and entrepreneur. I was born in Omsk, Russia, and immigrated to Canada in 2007. The technology was always my passion; I earned my first dollars working as a freelance web-developer. After finishing high school in 2004, I took the opportunity to go and study business abroad at the University of New York in Prague in the Czech Republic. In 2009, I opened my first Canadian business, a 44-seat restaurant in Northern British Columbia. As romantic as it sounds, after a couple of years, I went back to the tech sector and was employed in broadcasting for 7 years. During that period, I started a drone business that mainly focused on multimedia production. Once I complete my Geographic Information Systems (GIS) degree at Selkirk College, I plan on using the knowledge to expand my business towards surveying and GIS application.